Troubleshooting with FTP Logs

When working in an FTP (File Transfer Protocol) client, the log keeps track of every command and server response. We may ask you to provide the contents of your logs when we are troubleshooting issues related to FTP. This article explains where to find the logs in each of these common FTP clients. Once you find the log, you can copy and paste its entire contents in an email to our support team.


The message log in FileZilla is shown in the topmost window by default. If you do not see the message log in FileZilla, you can open it by selecting the View menu and ensuring “Message Log” is checked.


The log window in Cyberduck is located at the bottom of the client. If you do not see the log window, select View > Toggle Log Drawer to show it.


In Transmit (for MacOS) you can view the logs by selecting Window > Transcript. This will open the transcript in another Window.