Creating FTP Accounts

You can create FTP accounts to provide users with controlled access to files on your server. Use this guide to create these accounts in your DirectAdmin control panel.

Note: You can use your DirectAdmin username and password connect through FTP. These instructions are for creating additional accounts if needed.

  1. Login to DirectAdmin and navigate to the appropriate user account.
  2. Under the Account Management menu select FTP Management.
  3. Click “Create FTP Account”.
  4. Create a username and password for the account. Be sure to save your password somewhere secure. We recommend using a service like LastPass.
  5. Select the level of access you wish the account to have. You can select one of the provided options, or set a custom directory path.
  6. Click “Create”.

Note: Please allow 10-15 minutes after creating a new FTP account before using it, or you may receive a login error.