Frequently Asked Questions

You’re not just getting a server – you’re getting a highly qualified team of experts who will handle all your web hosting needs, any time of day, bringing the same level of care and passion to your business as we bring to our own.

Thousands of businesses lose crucial data every year due to accidents and disasters. Rather than relying on your local drives, or on a single data center or server, backing up your data off-site and in the cloud means that you will always have a redundant, secure, copy of your business data should the worst happen.

A dedicated or bare metal server is a complete, physical server located in our data center and used exclusively for your business – meaning you get the full benefit of multiple drives and processors for the best performance possible.

A virtual private server or VPS combines the reliability of a bare-metal server with the affordability of shared hosting, by providing guaranteed resources and a secure environment for your sites on a server in our data center. Virtual private servers are ideal for small businesses that need guaranteed bandwidth, data storage, and security.

Your business is unique. Whether you’re just starting your first website, or you get millions of visitors a day, we’ll find the right package to fit your business today and help it grow.

Yes! Installing WordPress and other popular scripts is easy using our one-click installer, so you can be building your site in minutes.

It’s all one word, pronounced vah•CAR•ez (və-ˈkär-əs)

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